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The Dental Pod runs on a quick yet effective 5 minute cleaning cycle. 

Scientific research is at the heart of our product development and decision making at Zima Dental. 

When designing the Dental Pod, the length of the cleaning cycle was based on research published by the University of Manchester's Restorative Dentistry Department.

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This research found no significant difference in cleanliness after 5 and 60 minute cleaning cycles, with both being equally as effective at removing bacteria compared to no ultrasonic cleaning at all. Furthermore, these results were backed up by in-house testing of early Dental Pod prototypes. 



Remaining debris after (a) no ultrasonic cleaning, (b) a 5 minute cleaning cycle and (c) a 60 minute cleaning cycle. 


Why is a 5 minute cleaning cycle perfect for oral appliance cleaning?

It may seem strange that oral appliances only require 5 minutes in the Dental Pod to achieve an optimal clean. However, when we consider the secret behind the Dental Pods cleaning capabilities, the reasoning becomes clear.

The Dental Pod cleans using a process known as cavitation. This occurs when an ultrasonic inducer generates high-frequency sound waves that produce microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. Positive pressure causes these bubbles implode, creating shock waves that gently dislodge particles and bacteria from oral appliances.

Importantly, this process takes place roughly 4,000 times a second, meaning it doesn't take long for your appliance to be receive a thorough clean. 


I hope this answers some of your questions about the Dental Pod. For further questions, please dont hesitate to contact Zima Dental customer support at

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