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Maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your oral appliance is as important when traveling as it is when you’re at home. Ensuring it stays hygienic and safe to use is essential, but finding the right solution can be challenging. 

We are often asked about traveling with the Dental pod, so we’ll outline its pros and cons, and suggest alternative solutions to help you enjoy a hassle-free trip. While the Dental pod offers several advantages, for those looking for a truly seamless experience, the Zima Go stands out as a dependable, convenient, and multifunctional solution for cleaning oral appliances on the move.

Travel with the Dental pod

The Dental pod is designed for at-home deep cleaning, and is better suited for stationary use as opposed to constant movement. It can be taken with you on vacation, but takes more planning and comes with limitations. 


Enjoy clinical-grade cleaning wherever you are. Its dual voltage capability (100-240V) makes the Dental pod suitable for use both at home and internationally, with the appropriate socket adapter. Compatible with multiple voltage ranges, every Dental pod can be used in regions with lower standard voltage (120V), such as North America, as well as the higher voltages common in Europe (220-240V).


To keep your Dental pod intact and functional, it’s best for vacations based in one location, with minimal moving around and with consistent access to a mains socket.

When transporting your Dental pod, we strongly advise taking the time to safely pack the device in the centre of your luggage space, padded out with soft materials such as towels and clothing.

Please note that it may also be necessary to use bottled or filtered water when using the pod abroad, to guarantee your safety and the hygiene of your oral appliance.

Why Zima Go is the ultimate travel solution

Specifically engineered with travel in mind, the Zima Go UV carry case offers the unmatched convenience, protection and portability that your oral appliance needs on vacation. Whilst you would need to pad and protect the Dental pod in your main luggage, the Zima Go carry case is self-protective by design. It discreetly takes care of cleaning and protecting your oral appliance on the move, so that you can kick back and enjoy your vacation.

Protective case 

Even if you choose to pack your Dental pod, you'll need to consider how to safely transport your oral appliance. The Zima Go is constructed with robust aluminium alloy and has a secure magnetic closure, offering a durable alternative to cheap, flimsy plastic retainer cases that leave your appliance prone to breakage and loss, particularly when on the go.

Compact and lightweight

The Zima Go easily fits in your carry-on or even your handbag, keeping you covered from the minute you head off on your trip to the minute you return home. Its sleek curved shape and lightweight construction make it perfect for slipping into your pocket or your bag for lounging on the beach, nature hikes or days spent out exploring.

Built-in UV sterilization 

With rapid 1-minute cleaning cycles (activated at the touch of a button), the Zima Go utilizes ultraviolet light technology to effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the surface of your oral appliance. This helps you stay on top of bad odors and bacterial growth, ensuring your oral appliances are sterilized and safe for use again.


No need to hunt for an outlet. The Zima Go is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it perfect for use on long flights, airports, day trips and even remote locations - lasting around a month without needing recharging!

Making the choice: Dental pod vs. Zima Go

Both the Dental pod and the Zima Go have a lot to offer for maintaining your oral appliance hygiene on the go. The choice ultimately depends on your travel style and needs!

The Dental pod offers deep-cleaning power, which works to remove stains and dislodges stubborn plaque build-up. While the Dental pod is equipped with dual voltage compatibility for international use, it’s not the most convenient option for frequent travelers. 

For those who need a way to keep their oral appliances clean and safe on vacation, the Zima Go is the perfect choice. This lightweight and compact travel accessory, provides UV sterilization, and battery-powered convenience - engineered to meet the needs of oral appliance users when traveling. Hear what one of our customers, Paula B has to say about travel with her Zima Go:


It's sooo much easier to travel with than the pod. Don't get me wrong, I love my pod, though the smaller travel version is wonderful when traveling. Love the convenience and compact cleaner.


Traveling doesn’t mean compromising on your oral appliance care. The Zima Go is specifically designed to keep your dental appliances clean and safe, no matter where your adventures take you. Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or a month-long trip, its portability and UV technology make it the perfect travel companion.

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