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Our mission has always been to enhance the lives of oral appliance users, with innovative cleaning solutions that support the hygiene, efficacy and safety of their dental appliances. While the Dental pod has been specifically engineered and tested for oral appliances, we have noticed that many of our customers also successfully use their Dental pods to clean jewelry. 

It is, however, important to note that this doesn't work in reverse; jewelry cleaners are not suitable for cleaning oral appliances because of their key differences in design, safety controls and mechanics. This engineer review explains more.

Ultrasonic technology: powering the Dental pod

The Dental pod utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology, producing waves at the ideal frequency and strength for cleaning oral appliances. This process creates tiny bubbles, which then expand and collapse, to gently yet effectively dislodge dirt, grime, and bacteria from the surface of appliances. Our engineering is gentle enough for the delicate materials used to make dental appliances, but has also proven also effective at cleaning jewelry.

Hear from some of our customers

Here are some insights from two of our customers, who have both found success in cleaning jewelry with their Dental pods:

My only complaint is that I hesitated so long to buy this. I love it! I could see a huge difference after 1 clean and I’ve been loving using it everyday knowing nothing got left behind and might cause cavities. It also works great on jewelry so it’s a double win!

- Soledad Roys

This is so convenient compared to the extra step of brushing my mouth guard every day which was not as effective because I still saw moldy spots that night.  I tried other ways of cleaning and the Dental Pod has been the best.  I also use it to clean my jewelry for an added benefit. 😊

- Laura Holmes

How our customers use their Dental pods to also clean jewelry

One of our customers, Eliza shares her Dental pod retainer and jewelry cleaning routine:

Cleaning my jewelry in my Dental pod is an unexpected bonus! I always clean my retainers in the pod first, then give the tank a clean before adding more cold water and turning it on for a cycle with my necklace and rings in. I clean my retainers 1-2 times a day, and then clean my jewelry every few weeks (maybe more if I’m going out or if it gets especially dirty!). 

We engineered and launched the Dental pod as the world’s first ultrasonic cleaning machine built specifically for oral appliances, but our customers have found ways to draw even more from their trusted devices. With the Dental pod, you can ensure your dental devices are spotless while also giving your jewelry a thorough clean.

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